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[XaraXtreme-commits] Commit Complete

Commit by  : luke
Repository : xara
Revision   : 812
Date       : Thu Apr 13 16:17:43 BST 2006

Changed paths:
   M /Trunk/XaraLX/Kernel/hotkeys.cpp
   M /Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/keypress.cpp
   M /Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/xrc/STANDARD_HOTKEYS.res

Enable cursor nudge keys

Index: Trunk/XaraLX/Kernel/hotkeys.cpp
--- Trunk/XaraLX/Kernel/hotkeys.cpp	(revision 811)
+++ Trunk/XaraLX/Kernel/hotkeys.cpp	(revision 812)
@@ -344,6 +344,9 @@
 		if (DoesHotKeyMatchKeyPress(pHotKey,pKeyPress))
+			TRACEUSER( "luke", _T("Key VK=%04x (%08x) handled as HotKey
"), pKeyPress->GetVirtKey(), 
+				pKeyPress->GetUnicode() );
 			// The key press is a hot key combination
 			if ((pHotKey->pKeyPress->IsOkInDrags() || !DuringADrag) && !pKeyPress->IsRelease())
@@ -360,6 +363,12 @@
 		// Get the next hot key
 		pHotKey = (HotKey*)HotKeyList.GetNext(pHotKey);
+	if( !Processed )
+	{
+		TRACEUSER( "luke", _T("Key VK=%04x (%08x) not handled as HotKey
"), pKeyPress->GetVirtKey(), 
+			pKeyPress->GetUnicode() );
+	}
 	return Processed;
Index: Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/keypress.cpp
--- Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/keypress.cpp	(revision 811)
+++ Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/keypress.cpp	(revision 812)
@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@
 		RepeatCount = 1;
 		ScanCode	= VirtKey;
-		Extended 	= false;
+		Extended 	= VirtKey >= WXK_START;
 		PrevDown 	= m_LastVirtKey == VirtKey;
 		m_Char		= pMsg->GetRawKeyCode();
Index: Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/xrc/STANDARD_HOTKEYS.res
--- Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/xrc/STANDARD_HOTKEYS.res	(revision 811)
+++ Trunk/XaraLX/wxOil/xrc/STANDARD_HOTKEYS.res	(revision 812)
@@ -106,31 +106,31 @@
 HotKey	0x160	Adjust				"Shift+F11"			"DisplayFillsGallery"
 HotKey	0x161	Adjust				"Shift+F12"			"DisplayFrameGallery"
 HotKey	0x15e	Adjust Constrain	"Ctrl+Shift+F9"		"DisplayNameGallery"
-HotKey	0x26		Extended									  "CursorUp"					"NudgeUp1"
-HotKey	0x26		Extended	Constrain						  "Ctrl+CursorUp"				"NudgeUp5"
-HotKey	0x26		Extended	Adjust							  "Shift+CursorUp"				"NudgeUp10"
-HotKey  0x26		Extended	Constrain Adjust 				  "Ctrl+Shift+CursorUp"			"NudgeUpFifth"
-HotKey	0x26		Extended	Alternative						  "Alt+CursorUp"				"NudgeUpPixel1"
-HotKey	0x26		Extended	Alternative Adjust				  "Alt+Shift+CursorUp"			"NudgeUpPixel10"
-HotKey	0x28		Extended									  "CursorDown"					"NudgeDown1"
-HotKey	0x28		Extended	Constrain		   				  "Ctrl+CursorDown"			    "NudgeDown5"
-HotKey	0x28		Extended	Adjust			 				  "Shift+CursorDown"		    "NudgeDown10"
-HotKey	0x28		Extended	Constrain Adjust				  "Ctrl+Shift+CursorDown"		"NudgeDownFifth"
-HotKey  0x28		Extended	Alternative						  "Alt+CursorDown"				"NudgeDownPixel1"
-HotKey	0x28		Extended	Alternative Adjust				  "Alt+Shift+CursorUp"			"NudgeDownPixel10" 		
-HotKey	0x25		Extended									  "CursorLeft"					 "NudgeLeft1"
-HotKey	0x25		Extended	Constrain						  "Ctrl+CursorLeft"				 "NudgeLeft5"
-HotKey	0x25		Extended	Adjust							  "Shift+CursorLeft"			 "NudgeLeft10"
-HotKey	0x25		Extended	Constrain Adjust 				  "Ctrl+Shift+CursorLeft"		 "NudgeLeftFifth"
-HotKey	0x25		Extended	Alternative						  "Alt+CursorLeft"				 "NudgeLeftPixel1"
-HotKey	0x25		Extended	Alternative Adjust				  "Alt+Shift+CursorLeft"		 "NudgeLeftPixel10" 	
+HotKey	0x13d		Extended									  "CursorUp"					"NudgeUp1"
+HotKey	0x13d		Extended	Constrain						  "Ctrl+CursorUp"				"NudgeUp5"
+HotKey	0x13d		Extended	Adjust							  "Shift+CursorUp"				"NudgeUp10"
+HotKey  0x13d		Extended	Constrain Adjust 				  "Ctrl+Shift+CursorUp"			"NudgeUpFifth"
+HotKey	0x13d		Extended	Alternative						  "Alt+CursorUp"				"NudgeUpPixel1"
+HotKey	0x13d		Extended	Alternative Adjust				  "Alt+Shift+CursorUp"			"NudgeUpPixel10"
+HotKey	0x13f		Extended									  "CursorDown"					"NudgeDown1"
+HotKey	0x13f		Extended	Constrain		   				  "Ctrl+CursorDown"			    "NudgeDown5"
+HotKey	0x13f		Extended	Adjust			 				  "Shift+CursorDown"		    "NudgeDown10"
+HotKey	0x13f		Extended	Constrain Adjust				  "Ctrl+Shift+CursorDown"		"NudgeDownFifth"
+HotKey  0x13f		Extended	Alternative						  "Alt+CursorDown"				"NudgeDownPixel1"
+HotKey	0x13f		Extended	Alternative Adjust				  "Alt+Shift+CursorUp"			"NudgeDownPixel10" 		
+HotKey	0x13c		Extended									  "CursorLeft"					 "NudgeLeft1"
+HotKey	0x13c		Extended	Constrain						  "Ctrl+CursorLeft"				 "NudgeLeft5"
+HotKey	0x13c		Extended	Adjust							  "Shift+CursorLeft"			 "NudgeLeft10"
+HotKey	0x13c		Extended	Constrain Adjust 				  "Ctrl+Shift+CursorLeft"		 "NudgeLeftFifth"
+HotKey	0x13c		Extended	Alternative						  "Alt+CursorLeft"				 "NudgeLeftPixel1"
+HotKey	0x13c		Extended	Alternative Adjust				  "Alt+Shift+CursorLeft"		 "NudgeLeftPixel10" 	
-HotKey	0x27	Extended									  "CursorRight"					 "NudgeRight1"
-HotKey	0x27	Extended	Constrain						  "Ctrl+CursorRight"			 "NudgeRight5"
-HotKey	0x27	Extended	Adjust							  "Shift+CursorRight"			 "NudgeRight10"
-HotKey	0x27	Extended	Constrain Adjust 				  "Ctrl+Shift+CursorRight"		 "NudgeRightFifth"
-HotKey	0x27	Extended	Alternative						  "Alt+CursorRight"				 "NudgeRightPixel1"
-HotKey  0x27	Extended	Alternative Adjust				  "Alt+Shift+CursorRight"		 "NudgeRightPixel10"
+HotKey	0x13e	Extended									  "CursorRight"					 "NudgeRight1"
+HotKey	0x13e	Extended	Constrain						  "Ctrl+CursorRight"			 "NudgeRight5"
+HotKey	0x13e	Extended	Adjust							  "Shift+CursorRight"			 "NudgeRight10"
+HotKey	0x13e	Extended	Constrain Adjust 				  "Ctrl+Shift+CursorRight"		 "NudgeRightFifth"
+HotKey	0x13e	Extended	Alternative						  "Alt+CursorRight"				 "NudgeRightPixel1"
+HotKey  0x13e	Extended	Alternative Adjust				  "Alt+Shift+CursorRight"		 "NudgeRightPixel10"
 ToolSwitch	0x58	Alternative	"" "TOOL3"
 ToolSwitch	0x5A	Alternative	"" "TOOL4"
 ToolSwitch	0x53	Alternative	"" "TOOL7"