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[XaraXtreme-dev] Xara LX News

Progress on our Xara Xtreme port to Linux accelerates. We're close to doing a 0.2 stable milestone release.
Until we do the stable release you can follow the progress by downloading the daily build:-
Xara LX is still not a useful or working drawing program yet, but development is now motoring. We think it's starting to look very good on Linux now.  A summary of the current state:

* Almost all objects now render. (no text rendering)
* We have background rendering working. 
* Greatly improved scrolling. Now almost entirely glitch free
* Infobar works (more show than functional)
* Selector tool beginning to work. You can select and solid drag objects on the page.
* Undo and redo systems working (you can undo your drags for example) 
* Zoom and Push tools work. Centre button page push (i.e. press your scroll wheel) now works and shows how slick the scroll / redraw is becoming.
We have to fix a few known crashes and some minor rendering issues and we'll be at our 0.2 target.
BUT we have no Mac version still. Despite a huge amount of interest from the Mac community the few volunteers we've had have not been able to find time to help port to the Mac. So if you want to help with the Mac port AND you have some spare time to devote to the project, please email developers@xxxxxxxxx
Remember although we're not releasing the code open-source until it's progressed to the point where the program is useful, we are giving early access to some developers who can provide the time to help us. So if you want to be one of the pioneer Xara developers, you're an experienced C++ developer, and you have some time we'd like to hear from you.
Libre graphics show
Those in Europe might like to know we are at the first Libre Graphics conference in Lyon, France, March  17th to 19th. This event is all about free (open source) graphics projects, and is open to all and free to attend.


We'll be demonstrating the latest Xara LX there in a presentation on the Saturday.