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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

But the BIG question is still; what about CDRAW?


On 15. Feb 2007, at 14:24, Charles Moir wrote:

The project is not stopped. We continue to check in any submitted patches and improvements as always and do daily builds etc. Our internal developers are tied up with other priorities right now, but of course we welcome and will support all and any external developers willing to contribute to the project.

I hope to have a more detailed statement about the future of the project soon.


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I was re-reading this mail from Jose Hevia... "project
returns in February"

Any news ? what are the status ?

Séverin Lemaignan

Jose Hevia a écrit :
I have been looking for xara linux news for a long time. I
thought the
project was killed or something like that. Today I saw a
external site
saying the project is not dead, so intead of putting a single news

"Xara Xtreme project is stopped right now. Please stay
tunned as the
project returns in February."

[That's 15 words work. People can see it and say "well, I
will come in