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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Ping

I agree and have even suggested before now that Xtreme should be using
Cairo because come the day it's hardware accelerated, then it will
(should) out-perform CDraw anyway. In fact there's nothing at all to
stop anyone adapting Xara to using Cairo right now (any more than there
is stopping Inkscape using it - they are in the same boat really).  I'm
sure Carl would certainly approve.

Easily said. This is one of the thing that is far easier with CDraw
code. You progressively change functions from a library to another.
It's a huge task-impossible to do it at once. You will see not only
original bugs, but bugs produced by composition of bugs.

Any program is made trougth sucessive, little steps, if you try to
make it all at once you feel like problems never end, get depressed
and left.

And everyone knows we can't take back the GPL code, so there's
everything people need to take Xtreme codebase and develop it, even in
the worst case scenario that Magix/Xara get bought by MS and stop
official support completely.  So the fact that it doesn't get that
support makes me feel that actually there are other reasons. Perhaps
there's simply not the developers out there or the will in the community
to give the project the support.

Perhaps, or perhaps not.

SVG is a good example. Everyone knows that our lack of SVG support
really hinders the usefulness of the product in Linux world. So why
doesn't someone do something about it - they would *really* be loved by
very large numbers of Linux users for doing this.  And it would
transform the usefulness of the product.  And to someone who knows about
SVG this isn't even that difficult - our filter system makes this as
easy as it can be (and this is fully documented).

People has alternatives with its time, like improving SVG support in
Abiword, or OpenOffice, now that Java is free.