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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Moving to Cairo (was Ping)

Charles Moir wrote:
>> Perhaps Xara Xtreme needs a new internal 
>> "CurrentGraphicEngine"- object with some properties about the 
>> possibilties of the current used GraphicEngine (for example 
>> "supportedFillTypes: Flat Fill, Linear, Circular, Elliptical, 
>> ....")? Following this approach, each drawing function needs 
>> to ask the CurrentGraphicEngine-object about the available 
>> functions and shows only these options, which are supported 
>> by the current Graphic Engine. If Cairo doesn't support 
>> advanced fill types, the Fill Tool doesn't show these fill 
>> types or - better - tries to simulate them (otherwise there 
>> would be a lot of problems by opening a .XAR file with 
>> advanced fill types).
>Yep agree, that would be good. Might be easier just to have a simple
>'simple fills or not simple' switch, but having a more advanced 'engine
>capability' system such as this would be more flexible for sure.

I would recommend to create the more advanced 'engine capability' 
system, because perhaps there are not only limitations with 
advanced fill types, but also other limitations within other
functions and also other GraphicEngines (besides Cairo). And 
perhaps there will be other GraphicEngines available in the
future with further functions as CDraw or Cairo (for example 
to support Gradient Mesh Fills or something like that). 

Marcus Reimann