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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Move from CDraw to AGG


I haven't seen any posts from  you about Antigrain here, which is
the best place to discuss dev issues. I'm traveling at the moment
so have not got a huge amount of time to investigate Antigrain, but
I've looked at it before. Briefly my observations are:
1. It is more similar to GDraw/CDraw than Cairo is, so would probably be
  easier to integrate, but
2. It doesn't have many of the advantages of Cairo (for instance Cairo's
  printing abilities). Nor does it give the possibility of benefit on
  h/w accelerated platforms.

Putting in Cairo would, I think, be a benefit for the whole project (rather
than just solving the CDraw "problem") Nothing against antigrain though.
Putting either one in would make putting in the other much easier.

If antigrain is as similar in interface to CDraw as I remember it, it
should be considerably easier that Cairo. If you came up with a set of
decent antigrain patches (and had signed the CA), and the license was
compatible (*), I'd strongly argue they should be committed.

(*) I'm worried about purely technical things here, such as AGG 2.5 is GPL
2 and above, whereas Xtreme is GPL 2 (and not above) plus an additional
permission that would presumably not be relevant when Xtreme was using


--On 28 February 2007 02:23 +0300 Arlen Albert <arlen.albert@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello all.

Cairo is a good choice to replace the CDraw XaraLX default graphical
But why none of you want to consider the alternative excellent
graphical engine written in C++ and available for any possible
platforms under GPL since the version 2.5 - AGG (stands for Anti-Grain
Geometry). Recently, I've asked Xara dev team at the forum to do the
comparisons between CDraw and AGG but the request was silently

I'm sure, most of you already knows the library I'm talking about. For
those who doesn't I give the URL: http://www.antigrain.com

I suggest to discus the possibility to use AGG instead of Cairo for
the CDraw replacement.