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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Move from CDraw to AGG


my point was, that's not necessary to create a new Sourceforge
project/fork or whatever to do that.

Jose Hevia wrote:
>"Please note, read/write access will only be granted to developers who
>have made significant source code contributions to the project over a
>I have not made ->any<- contributions to Xara! If Xara gave me
>read/write access to codebase it would be unfair to others. I just
>want to create one file libCDraw.a, compile and go. I think is way
>faster doing externally than into xara, at least at first.

So, please go for it: Download the code on your PC, create
a new library (I don't know the code details, but I think we need 
the old "libCDraw.a" for Xara's Graphics Engine), compile it and send 
your patch to this developer list.