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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: [XaraXtreme-devprivate] Text


Martin Wuerthner wrote:
I have even seen my first text line rendered yesterday! There are
still some glyphs positioning problems, but the glyphs are all there
and have the correct shapes.

If you are working on the rendering side, do you want me to see if
I can do some work converting the text tool itself over? The info
bar etc. are pretty routine for me to convert now I've got used
to doing it, and I can probably get it done tonight.

Sounds good - though it might be easier once I have checked in the
text rendering code, which enables a lot of text-related stuff in the
kernel that the text tool probably relies upon. I have just been away
for a week of skiing, but the work is mainly finished and I will
hopefully check it in this week.

Great news

Any chance you could send me a list of modified files - something like:
 svn status | egrep '^M' | awk '{print $2}'
now, then I can either do the work tonight but hold back a checkin, hold
off doing the work, or (if I can do it without touching too much stuff
you've been working on) do a checkin tonight. If you've done loads
of work on the tool itself, I'll just hold off.

P.S.: You sent this to devprivate - I though that list has been
abandoned while I was away and we should use the dev list instead? To
avoid any confusion I have sent this e-mail privately.

Ooops. I replied to the message & forgot to fix the header. dev copied this