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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac build


I did install libjpeg using the 'sudo make install-lib' target. I have done some additional research into this issue as I was perplexed by the results too. It seems that the key in the different jpeglib build procedure that I found was running ranlib on the final libjeg.a file in /usr/local/lib and the rest of the instructions were not applicable. Copying the config routines from the libtool directory was a solution for building a dynamic library. So, disregarding the previously mentioned procedure, I believe that you should execute the following command after running 'sudo make install-lib' on libjpeg:

sudo ranlib /usr/local/lib/libjpeg.a

XaraLX, as you experienced, will actually build just fine without doing this. This is because it does not link directly with libjpeg. wxWidgets will fail to find libjpeg if you don't run ranlib on it, but it has a built-in copy of libjpeg that it can fall back on it. XaraLX will link with the jpeg object code in libwx. I actually ran into this libjpeg problem when trying to build GTK, which, as it turned out, I did not need to do.

Here are the links to where I found the stuff about libjpeg:


On Mar 20, 2006, at 7:06 AM, Phil Martin wrote:

Er, possibly. I assume that the "install-lib" target does all the
necessary to make a shared JPEG library in a standard location.

The current build instrs for JPEG lib on the Mac come from www.ijg.org
and seemed to work for me so I just want to clarify why they were not
sufficient for Brian.


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--On 20 March 2006 11:32 +0000 Phil Martin <Phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The current mac build instrs on xaraxtreme.org suggest using "sudo
make install-lib". Did you try that before finding the procedure you
describe above? I only ask because I used "make install-lib" and I
don't /think/ I had to do anything else to produce a usable library
(although that was some months ago now). Can you give us a URL
explaining why "make install-lib" might not work?

Surely it depends where you are installing the libraries to?