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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] MacOSX Bundle

On 21 Mar 2006, at 15:45, Alex Bligh wrote:

Phil Martin wrote:
I have created a prototype bundle for XaraLX on Mac OS X. (A Mac OS X bundle is analogous to a RISC OS !Application folder, for those who go back that far.) I propose to check it into SVN (without the executable, of course) in the root of the XaraLX project, i.e. alongside Kernel, wxOil. Does that sound OK or would it be better inside a platform specific support folder?

So excuse the dumb question, but what exactly /is/ a bundle. If it's
one of those "directory that can be treated as a file" thingies the
Mac supports, subversion isn't going to see it as anything except
a file or a directory, so it probably won't satisfy your requirement.

What should really be happening is that the Makefile should /create/
a bundle, and put the target app in it (say under a target called
"make bundle" if it's hard to modify the main target). If there
is some command-line way to do this, it will be easy enough
to put it in the makefile.

I agree though that if your fix works (try it, delete the bundle,
and see if "svn up" recreates it) it would be a good bodge for now.
But won't you at least need "make" to copy the target app into
the bundle (or am I missing something?).


It's a folder structure containing a number of files, such as the exe, the icon, resources, and most importantly an XML file that describes the application in detail to Mac OS.

I see what you're saying about empty folders in SVN. That could be a problem. I'll find out...

The makefile definitely should have a target to create a working bundle. That may involve some folder creation but some of the bundle files need to be stored in SVN where anyone can modify them and the makefile can copy them. So I think we need to store an empty template bundle anyway.