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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Save

Neil Howe wrote:
Not that I know of. I was about to ask Phil or Luke to do this next,
because Gerry says he needs it in place as a dependency of the plug-in
support he's about to start adding. So we need it ASAP. And anyway this
is the most attractive capability for us to get working next. Do you
want to look at it?

Well I started trying to look at it, and indeed have reenabled the menu
item and stuff, but have got lost in a twisty turny maze of filter
stuff. It would be best looked at by whoever is doing the filter
stuff in the first place I guess. What I can do is check in my changes
which at least reduce the number of compile errors when DO_EXPORT
is defined by 75%.

I want to check they compile with DO_EXPORT *not* defined though
(i.e. the default situation) so I don't break the build.

It's mostly Unicode fixes.