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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Tools folder - what is it good for?

Er, but remember it is a current goal that we will one day have a really
modular Xara LX that has real plug-in tools, like Artworks.

We cannot abandon that goal, (we're already rather un-competitive in
this area already). Just looks the value it had for Artworks (new tools
being developed 10 years after we stopped work on it). Indeed we proved
25 years ago that extendable apps are good for everyone.

Inkscape and many other products are all moving to being more modular,
more plug-in orientated, so we should not be moving the other way.



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	We have this "tools" folder that is supposed to contain tool
source code. BUT: 
	* It's not immediately obvious whether this source code is Oil
or Kernel (because it's outside both the wxOil and Kernel folders). I
know it's Kernel code but we should be clearer about that.

	* The source code inside the tools folder implements
general-purpose Operations, some of which are called from the Kernel and
so it's not purely tools code.

	* The tool resources are /not/ stored in the tools folder but in
wxOil/xrc, so the tools code is not modular - it relies on the central

	The tools folder used to have some point when the tools were
actually built as separate DLLs but I think now it's pointless and

	We could: 
	A. Move the tools folder into Kernel as it stands. 
	B. Move the tools folder into Kernel and move the Op files into
Kernel leaving just tools in the tools folder. 
	C. Just move all the tools files into Kernel and get rid of
tools folder entirely. 
	D. Leave it as it is. 

	Thoughts, anyone? 


	(Apologies if you seen this message somewhere else before...)