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[XaraXtreme-dev] Compile on Slackware 10.2

Hello development type people,

This was originally posted on the XaraLX forum, and I was told this was a more appropriate place.

--- First Post ---
Congrats on getting Xara Xtreme LX ready and released as an open source project! Some time ago I expressed interest in helping with development, so as soon as I saw the source was available (couple of days ago) I got it and started compiling. I'm running Slackware Linux 10.2 and I've run into a couple of things.

I have written several wxWidgets programs, so I keep several static versions of the library around. wxWidgets-2.6.3-rc2 compiled no problem for me. I made a build_static_unicode directory in the base source directory and configured it with:
../configure --disable-shared --enable-unicode
then did make.

Then I uncompressed Xara, made a build directory in the base source directory and configured with: ../configure --enable-static-exec --with-wx-config=../../wxWidgets-2.6.3/build_static_unicode/wx-config

I didn't expect to have to specify --enable-static-exec, but that made compilation happy. On to linking!

This is where I'm stuck. It appears that the XaraLX_LDFLAGS in the Makefile are generated incorrectly. It was looking for them in /usr/local/lib instead of using `wx-config --libs` to point to the ones in my non-installed static build. I edited the Makefile and the build got a little further. Now I am getting that the compiler is unable to find -lCDraw and -lfontconfig, which weren't checked for by configure. Fontconfig I am vaguely familiar with, and I think I can get it installed, but it should still be checked for. I searched high and low for what -lCDraw is, but didn't have any luck.

Am I missing something pretty basic from my Linux installation?

Any help would be appreciated!

Brent W. (fprimex)

--- Second Post ---

Okay, I poked around some more and see that CDraw is in:

and also that I have fontconfig (comes with X11R6) in:

so I hacked on the Makefile some more.

I removed -lCDraw and -lfontconfig, and added the full path to both of those libraries to the XaraLX_LDFLAGS. I now have a compiled and working Xara LX!

--- End Posts ---

Are these issues problems with the configure system or am I just building Xara in a weird way?

Brent W.