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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] FreeBSD port for XaraLX 0.3r712 created

> [...]
> > >
> > >It will be a problem if the old versions get deleted since they are
> > >referenced in the port's files and the port will render unusable if
> they
> > >disappear from the download site. I think at least Gentoo will
> > >from the same problem.
> >
> > Not my call, but I can see that keeping n copies of a source
> > that changes every three hours is going to eat disk space. There is
> > recommended release every week or two, and probably keeping a copy
> > that source file should be enough (if people want to run the
> > edge version AND a port, they can work out how to use svn :-) )
> >
> Assuming that one archive is 23M and archives are kept for the last 6
> months, this means that 33G (23*8*30*6=33120) will be needed which is
> not really too much. Anyway I will stick the port to the "recommended"
> version once one is released with the fixes that 715 has.
> Can you confirm that the recommended versions are kept forever on the
> download site?
> Who should I contact for details about when and how othen the
> archives are deleted?

We'll keep all the source tar archives for 2 months. And then we'll keep
the recommended versions we release for longer (with a different
filename that we'll mail to the list when it's created). Is that good