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[XaraXtreme-dev] Translations

The gettext based translation process below works for most of the
messages in Xara LX, but the new kernel menus and labels on buttons are
not included in the mail XaraLX.pot file.

Luke is looking into the menu issue.

The labels that appear on UI controls are inside the resource (xrc)
files in wxOil/xrc/EN. Alex - what should a translator do to translate
these? I tried the following based on info from your resources document
on the web site. 

I produced a Resources folder by doing a 'make resources'. But then
doing a 'XaraLX -r Resources' to get Xara LX to use those resources, the
program just runs up briefly and then exits.




Eg. To produce a US English translation of Xara LX:-

1. Produce a en_US.po file from the XaraLX.pot file that the Xara LX
build produces. Using:-

msginit -i XaraLX.pot -o en_US.po

2. Edit the en_US.po file to translate using a text editor or
3. Generate a gmo file using:-

msgfmt -c -o en_US.gmo en_US.po

4. And install it (as root) using:-

cp en_US.gmo /usr/share/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/XaraLX.mo

5. Set environment variable to the language required:-

export LC_MESSAGES=en_US

6. Then when Xara LX is run it uses the translated messages.