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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] GPL for designs?


Am Montag, den 27.03.2006, 09:58 -0800 schrieb Carl Worth:
> On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 17:56:53 +0100, "Charles Moir" wrote:
> > So the question is what would be required in order to be classified as
> > free?
> The simplest way to start is to ship separate tar files for the
> separate pieces (as segregated by license). That is, (once it exists),
> a self-contained xaralx tar file containing only GPL source code, then
> xaralx-samples (or whatever) under an appropriate license, xaralx-help
> under perhaps another, etc.
>From my POV, this is what I'd like to see, too. It would allow me to use
the relase tar.gz unmodified for the upload to main (notice that Debian
distributes usually the upstream's tarballs unmodified, with a diff
along it, which sometimes is a valuable service to users of other
distributions, considering Debian's mirror network)

> 1) Use GPL for documentation
Seconed. Documentation should be seen as an integral part of the

For the examples and demos: It is not too bad if they can't be part of
the Debian package, people can easily find work on the xaraxtreme
website. On the other hand, a small collection of GPL'ed or even BSD'ed
examples is nice as a starting point for own experiments. For this
usage, though, the author of these works has to agree to allow the
modification and distribution of the modified work (which is not too
common among artitst, I guess :-))

So my suggestion:
      * Package a separate tarball with examples with more restrictive
      * Ask the authors of some selected examples if they are fine with
        the terms of the GPL or BSD (which basically is a legally
        formulated donation to the Public Domain, as I see it)
      * Put the documentation under the terms of the GPL, or if there is
        a good reason, the GFDL without invariant sections, or simply

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