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[XaraXtreme-dev] User suggestions [Was: Debian Packages for XaraLX]


the debian package already produced some feedback. Some of it is not
strictly packaging related, so I will share it with you.

> Von: Paul Wise <pabs3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Also, there is no manpage for XaraLX yet. Debian requires a manpage for
> > every binary, so some short descriptive manpage should be created.
> > @XaraLX-developers: Are you going to do that some time? Then I can skip
> > that step.
> I'd suggest they use c2man or help2man at release time to do this.
That suggestion might save you work, too.

> > Of course, any kind of comment, criticism and contribution is welcome.
> Some comments:
>       * It would be nice if upstream could install a .desktop file and
>         icon, so it can go in the regular gnome/kde menus.
>       * The upstream ChangeLog is empty, presumably they will put
>         something in it when it is released? If not, it shouldn't be
>         installed.
>       * debian/menu: needs an icon (in xpm format)
For that, I need an icon from you, first. Would you be so kind to
include one? png or xpm, anything should be fine (and both even better)

>       * debian/rules: upstream uses automake, shouldn't you use that for
>         installing the program? hmm, I see that they don't use the
>         regular automake stuff.
Last thing I heard is that "make install" is not yet supported (and
currently probably not needed).

>       * debian/docs: might want to install README/AUTHORS/NEWS (when
>         they are filled)
Not necessary, but always nice to have. If you get around to fill these
files, I'll happily include them in the Debian package

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