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[XaraXtreme-dev] Text rendering status

wxGTK builds of revision 750 are finally able to render text objects 
in existing .xar files. Text rendering support is still rather basic, 
but all the essential interfaces are supported, so it should be 
possible to enable the text tool soon.

This is the current status of text rendering:
   - Text objects are rendered and can be selected, moved, 
     rotated, copied, you can apply fill and outline colours, 
     etc., but the text itself cannot be edited until the text 
     tool is enabled.
   - Text object formatting should work OK, so text objects are 
     reformatted to reflect the substituted fonts when a file is 
   - Font mapping is not implemented yet, the Windows font names 
     as found in the file are simply passed to Pango, which is 
     unlikely to know any of them. As a consequence, you are 
     likely to see the same default font substituted for most 
     fonts. fontconfig (see /etc/fonts for the fontconfig 
     configuration files) offers system-wide font mapping 
     support, which is probably used.
   - Applied Bold/Italic effects are supported - in contrast to 
     having text in a "Bold" font, which, if the font is unknown, 
     is not taken into account
   - "Convert to editable shapes" does not do anything yet.
   - No automatic kerning yet.

Find attached below a small test file with some text objects.


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