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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Move from CDraw to AGG

> Jose,
> my point was, that's not necessary to create a new Sourceforge
> project/fork or whatever to do that.
> Jose Hevia wrote:
> >"Please note, read/write access will only be granted to developers
> >have made significant source code contributions to the project over a
> >period"
> >
> >I have not made ->any<- contributions to Xara! If Xara gave me
> >read/write access to codebase it would be unfair to others. I just
> >want to create one file libCDraw.a, compile and go. I think is way
> >faster doing externally than into xara, at least at first.
> So, please go for it: Download the code on your PC, create
> a new library (I don't know the code details, but I think we need
> the old "libCDraw.a" for Xara's Graphics Engine), compile it and send
> your patch to this developer list.

Yes, exactly. We don't need to create a branch for this work. Just start
using the latest trunk version and email the source changes to this list
so they can be checked in by someone with svn write access. We will give
write access to developers who start to provide significant
contributions, because that will obviously make development more
efficient. And this improvement to enable Cairo to be used instead of
CDraw will certainly be a significant contribution!