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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] File => Close crashes

I've just checked in a (possibly temporary hence PORTNOTEd) fix for this
by making the CCamView::OnActivateView function set no selected view and
document when a view is deactivated.  Although this fix makes conceptual
sense and should probably remain as a safety net if nothing else, it was
not necessary in the windows version (probably something to do with the
order that the various objects are deleted in under MFC as the Document
and DocView destructors both do similar things).


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Well, there is no Oil print view class.  The only other class in that
hierarchy is the RalphView (which was derived from ScreenView just like
ScreenCamView was).  The selected view is the view that the user is
currently working with, and as such, I don't think it has ever been
anything other than a kernel DocView that is attached to an Oil

The kernel/oil divide makes things quite complex in this area but I do
still think that those checks are irrelevant and that the various
changes of selected view and document (kernel-side) aren't happening