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Re: Please test static .deb package Was: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.4Release

Charles Moir wrote:

Yes and I'm sure we'd want to put a .deb package on our servers, would
we not Neil? If that makes installing easier and safer, then it's got to
be the recommended way for most users surely.


Yep, and similarly someone should be making an "rpm" for Red Hat and other rpm-based distributions?


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Hi again,

Am Donnerstag, den 06.04.2006, 13:04 +0200 schrieb Joachim Breitner:
I just created a binary-only debian package, that
includes, besides
menu entries and the examples, only the binary from the
download tar.bz2 it is distributed, i.e., wxwidgets are
linked. (I could not build such a file myself, as the wxwidgets
packages don't provide statical libs).

The package is available for download on:

I have now successful reports on these platforms:
* debian sid
* debian etch
* ubuntu breezy (5.10)
* ubuntu pre-Dapper
I'd like to hear whether it works on debian stable (sarge), but
that, I think the package is fine.

So Neil, do you want the have such a .deb along the .tar.gz in the magazine? I think it would be a nice thing for Debian and Ubuntu
especially for those who have not much experience with the
console -
these just need to install the .deb and find XaraLX in their Debian menu.

I plan to provide a .deb for the released 0.4 shortly after
I read the
announcement here.
The magazine (Linux Format) went with the current recommended 0.3 version in the end, because 0.4 had a few outstanding serious issues we couldn't ship with. But they plan to include 0.4 in next month's issue, so we can include the deb package along with the tar archive then.