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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Galleries

I was going to say great go ahead, because no one here is doing it I know.

But then I remembered that we're desperately trying to get to a stable 0.4 and then a 0.5 (with the single goal of being useful and actually usable for real). And there are some pretty basic things that do not work that, personally, I'd have put above Galleries.

e.g. colour picker.  E.g. the freehand tool still doesn't work (not sure if this has been bug reported, but the freehand smoothness slider is almost useless. You can't make smooth lines with few points., It seems to insert 100x more control points than the Windows version ever did). e.g. the Shape editor smoothness control which could be used to work around the fact, except that doesn't work either.
e.g. bitmap export (we're going to use 'old' TIFF-style export dialog which is (should be) pretty simple to port compared to the monster 'new' bitmap export dialog. 
And we're working on native save (no idea why it's talking this long). And we hope to get Eric's SVG export integrated as well.

But then we have a 0.5 version where your work can be saved and you can export the results. So the hope is that at the point it starts being usable for real, that a) we'll get a load more people interested and b) might get some developers wanting to scratch an itch because it's now a useful product.

So yes if course I'd love to see Galleries, but it's outside our 0.5 goal, and doesn't actually help real users wanting to use the product. And to be honest it's just a few key features to get to this 0.5 goal, so we're pretty close already.

What do you think?


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> I was thinking of doing some work on galleries. Anyone else
> working on this?
> One of the changes I propose to make is to derive them
> directly from DialogOp not DialogBarOp. They will still
> be dockable (all the current bars except InfoBar are
> derived directly from DialogOp not DialogBarOp).
> This should make them work more cleanly. Any objections?
> Alex