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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text insertion bug

In message <5056CBC646CB4047BB26120F4377DB71CB706E@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
          "Neil Howe" <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>> I do get a rectangle inserted with the current version if I press Tab,
>>> Caps Lock or Ctrl. I think a few more values need to be filtered out.
>>> Conversely, I notice that wxWidges does not let all keypresses through
>>> to the application, e.g., the Euro sign.
>> I think it's just that when you type text you tend to start with a
>> capital letter, which involves pressing shift, which results in
>> the character. Press shift (alone) ten times and you get ten squares.
> Yes you're right Alex - I hadn't spotted that so I must always start my
> text stories with a capital. So we need to work out why pressing shift
> inserts a character.

It is because of this:

[Trace] 11:48:32: (keyevent) Key press event: keysym = 65506
[Trace] 11:48:32: (keyevent)    -> wxKeyCode 306
[Debug] 11:48:32: UnicodeValue from keypress event = ffe2
[Debug] 11:48:32: inserting Unicode char ffe2

The text tool gets a keypress event with UnicodeValue=ffe2 and it then 
duly inserts this character into the text object. This does not always 
happen. When I just tried again with Shift, I could not reproduce it, 
but it always happens for Ctrl here, which inserts ffe4.