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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Segmentation fault with multiple blending

Neil Howe wrote:

Thanks for reporting this crash Domagoj. And perhaps you've given us the
fix for it too - well found.


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When I tried to blend 3 objects together (from object 1 to object 2
then from object 2 to object 3) Xara (rev 804) crashed with
"Segmentation fault".

The problem occurs in OpBlendNodes::DoBlendBlendAndObject() (in
tools/blndtool.cpp). It seems that when we try to blend from already
blended group that pNodeBlendStart is NULL. This is what I got from

This looks like the code was removed to sort out a warning message during compile, unfortuantly some good (and in fact vital) code was also commented at the same time. This is why I've only uncommented 1 of the 2 lines you uncommented, and also I made the same fix to the symetric case.