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[XaraXtreme-dev] Just checked in...

I've just checked in changes to allow the conditional code enabled by DO_EXPORT to compile.

This gives the program the ability to save XAR files for the first time but this is still in its early stages and some crucial things don't work, for instance you can't save any doc that contains a bitmap at the moment.

* All use of EPS filters and EPS render regions is disabled and marked with PORTNOTEs. * All use of the Bitmap preview dialog is disabled and marked with PORTNOTEs. * The GIF filter is in but does nothing because we don't yet have a GIF reading/writing library in the code. Did the GIF patent lapse recently? Can we use giflib now? * Use of the old Microsoft TRY CATCH END_CATCH macros has been replaced by C++ try and catch constructs. The catch handlers in bitmap filters catch all exceptions at the moment since the original CFileExceptions don't exist in LX. Maybe this should be tighted up. * Tweaked svnversion.h generation and placed it inside cversion.h so that correct version information is written out into XAR files when they are saved.
* Re-enabled lots of palette optimsation code (untested).
* jpeg library is included more consistently using the same namespace throughout to avoid clashes with other "JPEG" symbols * JPEGErrorManager now contains a jpeg_error_mgr instance rather than being derived from it

I have defined an enum containing bitmap filter IDs that originated from Accusoft and/or Snowbound commercial libraries. Hope it's OK to bring that info across into LX.

Some of the re-enabled code needs to be moved from the Oil layer into the Kernel, but to keep this checkin simple I will do that later.

You must use "make clean" before you build these changes because of dependency changes around svnversion.h (and obviously autoreconf and configure).