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[XaraXtreme-dev] Doesn't start on Suse

It gets as far as the splash screen and then quits, with no warning, as

a) In my opinion any software that manages to fail without giving error
messages to the user is pre-historic
b) And if you blame the OS (as has been the case before now) then the
same applies. Any OS that's  responsible for an app being able to quit
with no user friendly alerts or errors is pre-historic.

Running form the command line ((c) Any OS that requires user to type
cryptic commands into a cryptic command line in order to see error
messages is pre-historic and will NEVER gain mass-market acceptance) I
can see 'error while loading shared library: undefined symbol

So I least I know it's yet another shared library problem.

I simply refuse to believe it's not possible to write user-friendly
software on Linux. But we aint doing it right now.