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RE: Strings and unicode (was Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: [XaraXtreme-commits] Commit Complete)

--On 19 April 2006 13:34 +0100 Gerry Iles <GerryI@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

No, I actually meant by calling camMbstowcs to convert the filename
string.  wxWidgets does actually declare a TCHAR variant of the __FILE__
macro but that would mean changing our memory tracking code in fixmem
and ccobject which currently uses a char[22] to store the filename.  I'm
not sure whether I prefer adding another 22 bytes (or 66 where wchar_t
is actually 32 bits) to all our memory allocations in debug builds or
making the code convert it to Unicode when necessary.  I'm leaning
toward the latter as it happens far less often and will have a more
predictable impact.

With the added benefit that debugging char * seems to be much easier
than debugging TCHAR *.