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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Font metrics and kerning update

But without any caching does that mean we'd have to call Freetype during
display? That sounds a recipe for really slow text rendering.

Perhaps we do need a better, more smart cache that caches the kerning
pairs used (and it not limited to just 3 fonts).  I wonder whether any
of our existing caches could be used for this. Although to be honest I
presume it should not be too difficult to create a basic kerning pair


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> > Does the 'uncached' comment suggest that kerning data is usually 
> > cached in Camelot?
> Yes. The Windows code simply reads the complete kerning table 
> from the font and stores it in a cache. The cache size is 
> configured to be 3, so only 3 fonts can be cached at the same 
> time, i.e., when the 4th is needed one previous entry is discarded.
> With FreeType, it is not possible to read the complete 
> kerning table, and it might not be a good idea for a huge 
> Unicode font anyway. It would still be possible to cache the 
> kerning pairs (and it would probably be a good idea).
> Martin