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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] UI question - constrain

Phil Martin wrote:
Alt does nothing during transform drags.

I was wondering whether we should use that.

Thinking about it though, it might make much more sense for Control to
toggle the aspect lock state temporarilly during transform drags than
it's current function!

Currently, the Control key modifier (which is supposed to mean
"constrain" in drag operations) constrains the scale factors to be
integer so that you get exact size multiples of the original object. If
you want to get exact scale factors that's probably better done using
the scale edit field in the infobar and I bet 99% of users don't use
scale constrain...

Even more confusingly, when doing the same thing with fills, it
uses SHIFT to keep the aspect ratio (CONTROL seems to keep
the angle constrained the same, i.e. prevents rotation).
Whereas Shift in the selector seems to change the center
point for scaling. I would guess the logical thing would
be for Shift to mean "keep aspect ratio" (like it does
on the fill tool), and Alt to mean "use alternative
scaling point".