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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] XML libraries

Phil Martin wrote:

We will need to start enabling code that uses XML soon. The Windows code uses MSXML4.dll which exposes an xml document in memory as a tree of nodes using the w3c DOM specification. Since Camelot needs the ability to manipulate XML documents in memory, not just parse or write XML streams, and since wxWidgets hopes one day to support a DOM interface onto XML I am suggesting that we use an XML library that supports DOM.

A quick bit of research suggests that the combination of libxml2 and libgdome-cpp is the obvious candidate.

Sound OK to everyone?



I've got a nearly complete install of Gnome on my Gentoo box and gdome2 is not installed. Even worse libgdome-cpp is not in Portage. In fact libgnome-cpp has been orphaned, but there is a replacement called gmetadom, which is in Portage. I have no problems with the using libxml2, since this is a very commonly used library.

Out of interest what does Camelot do that needs a DOM style interface to the XML, or is it just how all of the code is written at the momemnt (which I surpose is a good enought reason!).