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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] inkscape

Hi Florian, Bryce summarizes the situation accurately.  Right now with
no active development of the Xara LX open source base going on, I think
talk about cooperation or merging Inkscape / Xara is premature. The lack
of active open source development is partly because Xara staff can't,
because we're focussed on commercial releases right now, and partly that
it needs someone to work on interfacing Cairo in place of CDraw.

We've said we'd help anyone willing to do the Cairo interfacing work and
would host the resulting project. We would like to see active
development return to the product. But I get the feeling the demand /
interest for the Linux version is not great enough to attract open
source developers willing to put time into it.

So we're now considering a commercial release, as has been discussed
here. This might be a way in which we can pay the developers to spend
time continuing on the product.



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> Hi there,
> at the inkscape user mailling list someone raised the 
> question about the collaboration between xara and inkscape. 
> The only parallel seems ciaro.
> Bryce summarized the situation,
> if someone is interest he might habe look in the archive at sf.net:
> http://tinyurl.com/38wcgd
> Florian Ludwig