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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] libstdc++5 or 6

Neil Howe wrote:

Luke/Graeme, you both advised that we should stick to using libstdc++5
rather than 6 for Xara LX because installing v6 on v5 based systems was
not straightforward. Please can you explain why this is?

Anyone else have a view on this?
Yes: It's primarilly the published release build we're talking about here. On our local development machines I guess we are all building with different versions of libstdc++, probably mostly version 6 (and I think that's because we are all using gcc 4, right?)

That's true on the Mac, too, and Mac release versions will probably be built against libstdc++ 6.

So most dev work is probably being done using libstc++ 6.