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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Galleries and focus handling

On 3 May 2006, at 11:20, Neil Howe wrote:

Yes, of course - which is why we need to:
* Set out the conceptual behaviour first (see above)
* Then try to encode that in a broad set of rules (this is where
consistency will come from)
* Then worry about the specifics of writing code to implement those

Ok Phil, can you take your list of rules and refine them to complete a
policy that we're all happy with? Hopefully we're nearly there.

Will do, just waiting to see what Charles says.

The main difference between your rules and what Charles described is
that Charles specifically names text controls as being the only controls
that consume keyboard events in a non-modal window. So please update
your rules to take this into account.

I was trying not to be too proscriptive - to allow for keyboard driving of, say, dropdowns and maybe galleries if we can think of a way.

Also, we should list the events that non-modal windows are allowed to
process. And everything else they must pass on. I think that was Escape,
Return and window close events. Any others?

This may be related to an answer I have yet to give Alex: In my rules, "control" really means "window" and in that context the existing rules already cover handling Return and Escape. I'll check whether that's OK and make it clearer.