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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Galleries and focus handling

> > Modal - no way. This dialog is a great example of the benefits of 
> > non-modal dialogs. You can change your selection, edit your 
> document, 
> > do anything you like and then just click Apply to apply the 
> last align 
> > settings to the new selection. I use it all the time.
> > 
> > Ah and there's a reason why the Apply button is needed still !
> Because you want to keep the /settings/ in the dialog, and 
> otherwise changing the selection would necessarily reset them.
> Hmmm... yes.

There are probably other cases where I can think it valuable to have
Apply buttons in modeless dialogs. Er, in fact of course our galleries
have Apply buttons. But then there's an argument galleries should be
live preview as well.

But right now I'll revert to the original goal again, to port what's
there, as close as we can to what's there, and that means we have an
Apply button on the Align dialog. So we don't make the dialog, or
galleries, live preview yet, and but we do make it consistent with
Phil's rules, which is nothing more than fixing some bad bugs in the
Align dialog as far as I'm concerned.

>  > Getting keybindings "right" is really hard, (probably only 
> slightly  > less difficult than getting focus right---and 
> again, there are huge  > piles of focus-related issues in 
> both Mozilla and GNOME as well).
> Keybindings I /think/ are slightly easier because we /know/ 
> there is no right answer because one lot of users will want 
> it to work like Illustrator, another like Inkscape, another 
> like Xara etc.
> etc., and whatever, the window manager will have stolen all 
> the nice shortcuts. So whatever, we /know/ we need a fully 
> configurable set of key bindings.

Yes I agree. We've been talking about Ctrl-W doing a window close, but
in fact that's not even an existing Xara short-cut. It brings up the
'import from web' dialog, a feature I barely knew we had (it's quite

However Ctrl-W is a Mac standard for close Window and a better one than
Alt-F4 which is the Windows (and now Linux) short cut. So in this
particular case I'd say we should default to both combinations working.
But of course we have no alternative but to provide user-configurable