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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Status line


Charles Moir wrote:
Does this mean we've had 1000 commits or changes since beginning this?
That's quite a milestone. Pity didn't quite math the 0.5 release.
Perhaps we should do that anyway, and make the next one 0.6 (when we
have colour editor).

Better than that. As I understand it 1000 commits since Graham reset the
repository numbering but that was pretty much at the start. The
new repository when Xara released the source at Lyon was rev 684.

If you are doing a 0.5 soonish, I'd like to get the new options dialog
in (i.e. without the ugly scrolly tabs). I don't think I'll get
wxODComboBox (and the consequent 101 bugfixes) in for a several days