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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Options dialog


Charles Moir wrote:
So what icons do we actually need?

Essentially, one for each tab on the Xtreme options dialog, remembering
that print options etc. is really the same dialog. So I reckon something

"General", "Grid and ruler", "Mouse", "Page", "Scaling", "Tune-up", "Units", "View", and (disabled right now), "Effects & Plugins" (bitmap effects), "Internet", "Output" and "Print Layout"

They can be any size you like, but they all have to be the same size
as eachother if they are displayed in a single dialog (if you see
what I mean). I think 32x32 is about right.

FYI this is a mock-up of the new Inkscape Preferences dialog
up3.png presumably there is not much overlap between ours and theirs?

Well, "Mouse" is an overlap. But I couldn't just go take them anyway
as presumably whoever did them would have to sign the CA.

Interestingly, they use a control with levels (subpages). We can
do this too (though I need something in the kernel to say whether
the page is a subpage or not, and if so a subpage of what).
Right now, with 8 tabs appearing, I don't think we need subpages.

There might be something at CreativeCommons under a BSD-type