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[XaraXtreme-dev] inquiry: pencil tool development

 ...somewhere between the current stable release, and
whatever I last downloaded... over 1,000... the pencil tool
evolved from rough pencil strokes to beautifully smoothed
lines... NICE Feature... definitely something to hang onto - BUT -
no self-respecting drawing program can go without a rough
line pencil tool.

    Since you now have code to auto-convert input pencil line
to smoothed finished line, what I'll suggest - for future development
of course - is to combine the two into a single function... something
with a slider maybe... allowing the artist to choose their best line,
between the original input, and the smoothed version currently
being output !

    I've seen other smoothing functions, which have been variable...
we know that Xara LX already has at least two extremes... the rough
input, and the smoothed auto-output... if there are any "slider people"
on the development team, I do think this would be a much appreciated
next step for the pencil tool.  Just my two cents worth.

    Xara LX is a wonderful program already, here's hoping it gets even