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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Document titles

Phil Martin wrote:

Alex Bligh wrote:

Luke et al,

I think you have been working on stuff to do with document names on loading. As per Bug 1077, document names are not appearing on
gallery title bar folders when the document is loaded from disk
(works OK on new document). I don't think this used to be there.
Have you changed anything on loading which could cause some internal
document name not to be set? Or not send around some name message
or something?


This should have been fixed by one of my checkins yesterday - are you still getting this bug?

The problem was due to wxDocument not behaving in quite the same way as MFC's CDocument...


Sorry, I take that back. It's slightly different bug and it is not yet fixed.

There have been no changes that I know of that would stop a message being sent that was previously sent. So I guess this bug has always been present.

I'm happy to take it on if you want.