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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Problem in wxWidgets 2.6.3...

Neil Howe wrote:

I wrote re dragmgr.cpp:
Firstly, the ScreenToClient() is wrong - the call takes and has
always taken screen coords not client coords. If this was working,
it was only by accident (perhaps due to the other bug).

Secondly, ChildWindowUnderPoint == WindowUnderPoint seems
The routine has returned that a child window of the target window
exists which is the deepest window that contains the mouse pointer.
So it's a drag hit. Why do we care whether or not the child window
is also the one we found before?
On reflection, I think the second check /is/ actually correct, and is
designed to ensure that there is no window which is NOT a child of
the target window which obscures the target window or its child.

I can only assume the first ScreenToClient() was necessary to work
around the bug we've fixed (in which case removal is correct) or
that the routine never worked properly (ditto). In any case I've
checked it in on this basis and fixed dlgmgr, camview & ccolbar too.

It all seems to work.

We should now not need the wxWidgets patch unless wxWidgets itself
is using the call in a broken way. My only worry is whether it
internally relies on the broken behaviour (I hope not).

Luke, I think you said you'd applied the patch to the build server so
can you remove it please and then confirm.


OK, reverted