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[XaraXtreme-dev] Error dialogs and XML dumps

I think I forgot to mention this but whilst I was playing with the error
dialog and the exception stuff, I accidentally got distracted and put in an
error reporting dialog.

It's pretty basic at the moment, but in essence when a serious error is
created (SEGV type thing, or an ERROR2 'internal error') another button is
created on the error dialog allowing an error log to be produced. This
(after several seconds wait as backtrace is quite slow - looks like it
could do with a rewrite) allows the user to send a zip file containing an
XML file with a stack backtrace in to us. We can also stick other stuff in
the zip file, and indeed get the thing to automatically submit the stack
trace over the web (clearly that will involve someone setting up the
appropriate bit of web technology server side).

If we produce the release binaries only partially stripped (I think "strip
-d" is what we want from memory) this /should/ give useful information to
us on debugging stuff in the retail build or if not, at least be adaptable
to do that.

If anyone wants anything else in the error dump (remember I can't go
poking around in the tree etc. because it might be broken) I can put
it in. I am thinking version information might be useful, OS details,
hardware details, build details, etc.

Before anyone mentions it, yes, the dialogs are ugly and controls get
mis-sized, they are standard wx ones, and I have reported it and submitted
three patches to fix the ugliness. I hope they'll be merged in the next day
or two so I didn't bother producing a forward port of them. Given all 0.4
did was disappear off the face of the earth when it got an error, I think
we are quite a way forward.