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[XaraXtreme-dev] New in 0.5?

Do we have a list of what is new in 0.5? It must be a pretty long list.

So far I've got (in no particular order):

* Save
* Bitmap export
* Colour Gallery
* Layer Gallery
* Guidelines
* Bitmap Gallery
* Simple colour editor (no advanced one yet)
* Ability to set the font
* Status line & progress bar
* Many new menu items e.g. convert lines to shapes, clipviews
* Improved combo boxes, drop down menus, buttons and sliders
* Less ugly toolbars
* Options dialog
* Help (simple form)
* Freehand tool draws smooth lines
* Many bugfixes

I may have forgotten stuff especially if other people have done it.

Some of the things marked "90% complete" in the 0.4 announcement I
think are now complete (fill tool, transparency tool, blend tool, bevel
tool, shadow tool) or if they are not, could do with a bugzilla entry
detailing what bits aren't complete. I think Phil's AllowOp stuff fixed
many bugs.