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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Have implemented a Linux port of GetMemoryStatus ("Function to find available RAM")

Hi Israel,

Thanks for that - it will be useful. I hope others here can answer your
precise technical questions, although it's a holiday weekend in the UK
so there will be less activity than usual here.

I know this page provides more detail about submitting patches

We would normally provide svn access to someone who has built up a track
record of good patches.  We're usually pretty quick about applying
patches submitted to the dev list however.

The licensing is explained on this page
Which has a link to the actual license. It's not as complicated as dual
licensing - we do it via a shared copyright process.

Any other question please post here and we'll try to answer.

So thanks for the patch offer and we hope to see more of you here in the

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> GetMemoryStatus ("Function to find available RAM")
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> Greetings,
> I have implemented a Linux version of GetMemoryStatus, which 
> is one of the requested tasks on the "Unassigned tasks" page. 
> I have a couple of questions, though.
> I'm not entirely sure as to how to proceed to submit the patch...
> Should I just apply for read+write SVN access to the 
> repository (as per "Subversion Access Instructions")? That 
> would seem to be the logical course of action.
> Also, regarding the licensing, the FAQ page in the website mentions:
> > What we will be asking for is for some sort of license that 
> will allow 
> > us to use your code in our commercial version as well, but 
> will allow 
> > the original author to retain all their copyright rights.
> This would imply some form of dual-licensing, then, correct? 
> I would release the patch under the GPL for use in the open 
> source version, and simultaneously under another license, 
> specifically for the Xara company, which allows them to use 
> the code in the proprietary version of the product. Is that 
> about right? If so, what sort of license would we talking 
> about? Something like the BSD license, for example?
> Regards,
> Israel G. Lugo
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