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[XaraXtreme-dev] XCode project

I've checked in an Xcode project that nearly builds the current LX source code. It has numerous issues:
* It fails to link in libxml2 at the moment.
* It has absolute paths in it that need to be altered when used on other machines. * It refers to png and jpeg header files directly in wxMac source code (as a temporary means of re-using png and jpeg libs in wxMac) * build-resources.pl does not find the svn command and a bodged version number is supplied.
* I'm not sure whether it builds Universal Binaries at the moment.
* Only the Development target has been worked on recently.

Brief instructions to use the XaraLX.xcodeproj project:
* Open wxWidgets.xcodeproj
	* Duplicate the Development target and rename it DevUnicode
* Add _UNICODE and wxUSE_UNICODE=1 to the preprocessor macros of the DevUnicode target
	* Build the new target as a static library: libwx_macud_static.a

* Open XaraLX.xcodeproj
	* Adjust the path to the wxWidgets.xcodeproj file
* Adjust other paths as required in both project build settings and target build settings

Note that the wxWidgets.xcodeproj does not build the wxrc tool which is required by the build-resources.pl script of XaraLX. You will have to build it one way or the other: A new xcode project to do it would be ideal (or a new target within wxWidgets.xcodeproj) but failing that you will have to configure and build the entire wxWidgets project form the command line.

If/when you do get a built exe out of it, you will find that the application is deeply broken. There are clearly some byte-order issues.