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[XaraXtreme-dev] Cairo Port

Hi everyone,

I have been looking at Carl Worth's "lame attempt at fixing up the xaralx code to use cairo instead of a proprietary CDraw.a" for the past few hours. I have no experience with neither Xara nor Cairo, so I have a few questions:

1. Carl created stubs for function calls to CDraw functions, which are to be replaced by Cairo functions. Wouldn't it be easier to derive a new GDrawContext instead? This has been done originally with GDrawAsm as a C++ wrapper for the assemblerfunctions in GDRAW.DLL. I think this would at least save passing around contexts, and would be more object oriented, too.

2. I am so far struggling with the very basic: I need to set up a cairo context. To do this, I need a "drawable", i.e. some canvas I can draw to. I have found examples on how to do this from GTK/GDK, and I guess wxWidget is using a GTK backend... I think I need a pointer to some wxWidget-canvas or so, but I am not sure where the link between the wxWidget frontend and the GDRAW backend is supposed to be.

I hope someone can help me with this, so I can get started. I don't really have a whole lot of time for this, but maybe we can get the cairo backend into a reasonable state together.

Best regards,

PS: I will be on vacation starting May 7, so my mail responses may be slow.