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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: FW: Built XaraLX for PowerPC Mac - Linux OS

Neil Howe wrote:
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From: Giuseppe Giulio [mailto:artisrevolution@xxxxxxxxx] Sent: 23 May 2007 03:13
To: Developers
Subject: Built XaraLX for PowerPC Mac - Linux OS

Hi I have built the latest XaraLX on
the t2 platform Linux with WxWidgets
but to get it to run I need the link models
for the PowerPC(g4 or g3) processor
lib so I can link.. It is linking against the LInux
non PowerPC lib and it blows up when it tries to
render an object.. but the interface comes up and you can navigate all the menus... When
it calls the render lib .. it goes nite nite...
There is already a PowerPC library included in the sourcecode (libs\ppc\libCDraw.a). Unfortunatly this library can't be actively supported though since we don't have the hardware (or time, since Xara staff aren't actively working on XaraLX at the moment). Having said this I'm a little surprised that you seeing this crash, since I though we'd progressed further than that.

The most productive thing you can do at the moment development-wise on your platform is work on the replacement of CDraw using Cairo.