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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Hello Xara!


Are you saying that other versions of wxWidgets did not return a light
gray color for wxSYS_COLOUR_BACKGROUND?

From memory, the problem was that the light grey it returned was not
the same light grey as GTK used. The problem revolved around the fact
that the dialog background in GTK is not guaranteed to be a single
colour anyway, and the fact wx used to use (IIRC) an outdated mechanism
of reading the colours.

If instead you want white, maybe it should be using
wxSYS_COLOUR_LISTBOX. That returns white on the GTK default theme, and a
complimentary color under my theme.

My worry about taking patches on this stuff is that there was a LONG
sequence of testing to make the buttons etc. appear half-decent on
all applications. We would have to repeat that to take a patch I feel.
I'm not trying to be obstructive here, and it may well be that there is
a better way to read colours in general. Or, more accurately, we should
probably be using the wxWidgets renderer system which on Linux would
in turn use GTK to render the buttons, which would eliminate all the
peculiar code that hangs off assumption about grey values in the button
rendering which is the sensitive bit, and we could use a similar approach
to other bits of window furniture rendering. This would help the Mac
version too. Clearly that requires a bigger rework and testing.

At any rate, I hope that at least my other modification can be taken. I
have attached it as a diff. This one affects the color of text in a
Gallery on the line with the folder icon. Since Xara explicitly sets the
background color to a light gray, I think it should also explicitly set
the foreground color. In other words, if you want to override the
default theme color for either the background or the foreground, you
should override them both.

That looks far less invasive and seems to me intuitively correct. I
would take this (subject to CA).