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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Problem with build...?


I'm getting the following message during autoreconf -f -i -s

Makefile.am:14: AM_GNU_GETTEXT us

Is this a problem?  It still seems to configure and (at least start to)
build.  Is this caused by the change to add the --disable-international

That did cause it. I expand SUBDIRS. It now has ${PODIR} or something in,
which is equal to "po" or "" depending on whether international resources
are being built. But the not-so-fabulous AM_GNU_GETTEXT macro then goes to
check SUBDIRS by looking at the line itself rather than its expansion. Same
piece of coding genius as only checking for AM_GNU_GETTEXT in the first

It's harmless as far as I can tell. Is it giving you a problem?