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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Problem with build...?

And -or but it didn't make any difference...  The only odd thing I've
noticed about any of it is that the resources.h file includes camtypes.h
whereas only cpp files usually do that.

I'm fetching a totally clean copy from SVN to see if that will work...


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Alex Bligh wrote:
> Gerry Iles wrote:
>> Well, my build still does it after removing the options.  I changed
>> options in KDevelop but it told me to do a make distclean because it
>> already configured.
>> This is the relevant bit:
> Try this:
>     find . -name 'resource.cpp' or -name 'resources.h' | xargs rm
>     svn up

Sorry that's "resources.cpp" (with an s)