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[XaraXtreme-dev] Dependencies

I am writing a script call gendeps.pl which analyses what files depend
on other (in an attempt to improve build times). It will tell you
what files depend on a given file, or what a given file depends

Here are some stats - the output of
  Scripts/gendeps.pl -n -i all*/.deps/*.Po | sort -nr

The format is
 <number> <file>
on each line, where <number> is the number of rebuilds that we'd
get from touching <file>.

The ones at the top are all in the pch - they cause everything to
rebuild (all 538 files).

So, interesting questions arise, like "why is arrows.h in the .pch".
And even better, "why does changing biasgain.h cause an automatic
rebuild of over 200 files when it's just a control". I suspect
the answer is "because someone didn't know about forward references"
but in any case I'm going to improve the tool so it will actually
go through the files and find the tree of includes if you ask
it nicely.