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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] .po files and xrc: % vs. %%


--On 10 June 2006 20:11 +0200 Tobias Burnus <burnus@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


in the http://www.xaraxtreme.org/downloads/XaraLX.po I find:

# , c-format
msgid   "Compressed, retaining #1%d% of image quality<BR>\\r\\n"

The last % should be %%. However, if I look at
./xrc/EN/webprvw-strings.xrc I see:
    <label>Compressed, retaining #1%d%% of image
That is: The right number of % signs.

Yes. Looks like another wxrc oddity to me, as I'm certainly not dropping
them. I can sort of see the logic in dropping them in some circumstances
but it's going to break any translated format strings.

"#, c-format" flag before those lines.
Please make sure that all printf statements contain such a flag as
msgfmt can use this for error checking.

I don't control those. wxrc puts them in. It isn't printf anyway,
they are passed /to/ MakeMsg and there is no way from the resources
alone of knowing which strings are passed to MakeMsg and which aren't.
So (for instance) "100%%" might be a literal, or might be passed
to MakeMsg.

But it should not present a problem: the output string needs the same
number of percent signs as the input string!

Can you file (another) bug (or just add it to the last one). It looks
like rewriting wxrc is the easiest route (sigh). Sadly I'm not going
to have the time to do that for a few days.